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Payroll / Human Resources

No payroll calculation is too complex for Activity Payroll.


Activity HD is a full suite of accounting and payroll products.

What is Activity Software?

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Activity is ERP for the Small and Medium Business (SMB) market.

Activity software provides a framework for viewing your accounting data in High Definition. Like HDTV, your data is presented with clarity unlike anything you've experienced in accounting software. There are no obscure codes to remember or dozens of screens to slog through to find the data you need!  Data is presented quickly and concisely in a tabular format, ready for you to sort, filter, drill down, and explore.  And, as its name implies, the Activity database is "active".  Changes by one user are instantaneously available to all users without a screen refresh.

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Activity is the only ERP system designed from the outset to give you a clear view of your data  Other ERP products were developed over 20 years ago using non-database file structures and were later shoehorned into a database environment. And while some software companies have pieced their packages together from acquisitions, Activity was designed and built by an experienced team of developers specifically for relational databases and graphical user interfaces (GUI), delivering a consistent user experience.

We think you'll find that Activity's accounting modules are just the tools you need to exponentially increase your productivity, saving you both time and money.

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What Our Customers Say

nQativ does more than provide us accounting software….they partner with us to run our business the best way possible.

Karen Furlow - Controller
Los Angeles County Fair Association

nQativ gives great customer service and support and their products are wonderful. They will save you time and money immediately.

Beth Delgado - Accounting Analyst
Orange County Fair & Event Center

We have been extremely satisfied with Activity.

Francesca Bertolino - VP Finance & Group Insurance Trust,
Massachusetts Bankers Association

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